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Member Benefits

Benefits of being a CPHA Member include:

  • The Association has a Code of Ethics designed to promote professionalism and high standards of conduct on the part of its members.
  • The Standard Terms of Conditions of Hire, which are continuously revised, are made available to all members.
  • The promotion and maintenance of good relations with manufacturers and suppliers to the industry.
  • Preferential rates for CPHA Members from CPHA approved service providers
  • Preferential insurance rates for CPHA Members who operate under the approved conditions of hire.
  • Liaison with other Associations and industry regarding acceptance of CPHA's Conditions of Hire and the betterment of relations with plant hire clients.
  • Liaison with Government structures on matters concerning the plant hire industry, and the assurance that the CPHA will lobby and fight against any legislation or actions that are adverse or detrimental to the interests of its members, including negotiations with the Department of Transport for any new legislation introduced for the crane and related industries.
  • Expert advice from six branches throughout the country including Gaborone, Botswana
  • The right to display the prestigious registered CPHA Logos on company documents and stationary and equipment
  • The opportunity to participate in social events and to attend seminars and conferences organised by the Association.
  • Correspondence with the Hiring Chamber Board of the Services SETA regarding the Skills and Development Act. Since inception the CPHA has been a schedule 1 organisation and has been the industries representative in the Hire Chamber of the Services SETA. We have engaged with the labour element of our industry in the setting of unit standards, skills programmes and compilation of learning material for a hiring services qualification, as well as the training and qualification of plant operators.
  • CPHA approved independent centers established for the training and certification of operators in the hire industry. With the introduction of simulators and the development of training cabs we envisage a high standard of skills.
  • Access to a centralized database of registered operators
  • The sharing of information between members. Theft is extremely prevalent in all sectors of the industry. This is proving to be a huge challenge to both the Association and industry alike in keeping abreast of the introduction of new 'scams'.
  • A free listing on the CPHA's web-site: www.cpha.co.za. The availability of our Web site, which is continuously updated, gives much needed exposure to all sectors of the economy. The uniquely designed “Where to Hire” section allows potential hirer's to find the right equipment in the area it is needed.
  • The availability of Company portfolios on the CPHA web-site www.cpha.co.za with links to member existing web-sites
  • A free monthly copy of the "CPHA Magazine" as well as a free listing in the CPHA's "Official Rate Guide" which forms part of the publication including editorial coverage (at the discretion of the editor). The magazine keeps the industry abreast with updated information, and the latest developments in the market sector. It also includes articles on management and other business issues relating to the industry. The CPHA's "Official Rate Guide" has been accepted by local Government structures as an arbitration tool in cases of dispute. The Rate Guide is also be available electronically on the CPHA web site www.cpha.co.za
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